Sunday, April 13, 2014

Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Dah lama dah teringin nak pergi USS, finally dapat juga pergi gara-gara nak hantar adik balik Johor..SAMBIL MENYELAM MINUM AIR...Ni ha serba sedikit cerita macam mana nak pergi.

I went there with agency tour which mean by package..If you are interested, you can visit their FB page 
Pakej dari Johor Bahru ke USS

The package deal included with:
1. USS ticket (You can play all things there unlimited)
2. Food voucher 10$ 
*although you've been given 10$, you should prepare some additional money though as all the food prices there are expensive.
3. Gift voucher 5$
4. Bus ticket back and forth
*assemble at TUNE HOTEL at 7.15 a.m

1$ singapore= RM 2.60, you'll get 36$ for RM 100. 

It costs RM 199/person

To avoid any issues regarding the booking, you should make an early booking ESPECIALLY during peak season (school holiday).

If you don't want to use agency tour, you can buy the ticket personally at TUNE HOTEL building. For the transportation, you can choose train, your own vehicle, any public bus or by plane. sebelum pi USS...kat bawah ni pulak bila dah sampai USS

In front of USS
 In USS, it has 7 zones which I think a MUST for you to explore (kalau xrugi duit tahu!!) and each zone has it's own roller-coaster and etc

7 zones included:
1. Hollywood
2. New York
5Lost world
6Far-far away
7. Madagascar


New York

Far-far away

Shrek's house in Far-far away



Merlion Park

There are many attractions there besides than USS, you can have:
1. see-sight tour by cable car for 28$ (If not mistaken), 
2. Waterfront
3. Aquaria
4.Water theme park

You are can look more at USS web site.

Best...memang nak pi lagi, tapi kalau nak pi lagi skali kena pakai kasut sport ja...luas sangat kawasan dia...
For muslim, there is a prayer room in USS, and you are advised to get a map in one of the shop there...senang.
kalau sapa nak shopping tuh bawak duit banyak2..barang memang mahal2

For handicap/children/senior citizens, you can rent wheelchair, stroller and some sort of small vehicle to accommodate you there...

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